Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is under Copyright Act, 1957. It provides safety so that the work carried out by the creator of work cannot be copied by anyone and to restore the uniqueness of the product. There are bundles of rights under Copyright like communication to the public, the rights of reproduction, adaptation, and translation of the work. copyright law in India, copyright subsists in all original published or unpublished literary, artistic works etc.

Copyright Registration is a legal right which has been provided to the creators of. Sometimes even businesses and start-ups get copyright registration related to instruction manuals, product literature and user guides. Usually, copyright is possessed by a creator of the work, but sometimes even the employer of its creator or the person who has authorized the work can own the copyright.

Copyright protection is granted in respect of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. copyright comes into existence as soon as a work is created and no formality is required to be completed for acquiring copyright protection. it is advisable to apply for Copyrights registration in India for its Legal evidentiary value.

Key Copyrights Rights

Copyright Rights owner have rights to his or her copyright work:

Filing of Copyright Includes : website | script | program | books | poems | literature | logo design | style | musical and Artistic | Dramatics | invention | document | brochure | Flow chart | advertising | work and even the producer’s films | song lyrics | make photos | sound recordings | games...

Includes : Filing the Copyright Application | Examination | Objection | Discrepancy found during scrutiny | zero discrepancy | objection filed & application is accepted | Registration

Post Legal Support

Experts Advice : Copyright Registration Certificate is mandatory. However, it is advisable to apply for registration of copyright as the certificate of registration of copyright and the entries made therein serve as prima facie evidence in a court of law with reference to dispute relating to ownership of copyright.

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